A Man and his Motorbikes

I had a fun day shooting with The Motorcycle Broker up on the moors. It was a blast to see these fantastic classic bikes in action. Paul is a master of his trade and knows the ins and outs of many bikes and its incredible to see him with these beautiful machines.  (Direct + Shoot + Edit) 

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Watergate Bay Surf-53.jpg


As the sun set, the surfers ripped. More and more arrived to hit the waves after work, to forget the day behind them before they hit the hay. This beach is great, with Newquay just around the corner, it is brimming with great surfer that are amazing to watch, I was lucky enough to be there with my camera and capture them for half an hour before we left.   (Shoot + Edit) 

Cloudy bay 'origins' ep1 (RHTV)

3 days of travel for 2.5 days in New Zealand! Robin, Dan & I were lucky enough to have the chance to fly around the world to Blenheim, a lovely rural place full of vineyards and beautiful scenery! This was my first structured 'tv' style shoot with a presenter, I was anxious to learn what these shoots are like but I was pleasantly surprised. We had an extremely short time to shoot and even shorter with Ben Fogle so efficiancy was key, but everything went to plan and was a great experience! (Shoot + Edit) RHTV Website

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ESS 2018 Venue Release (RHTV)

This film was a first for me, including studio shot scenes mixed with stock footage with a heavy stylistic theme and graphics. The film doesn't follow the usual adrenaline filled style of the ESS edits but thats what I liked so much about this, it is simple yet effect and a good challenge to make. 
(Edit)    RHTV Website

Explore dorset

After wanting to visit Dorset for a long time we finally managed to get there and visit lots of the beautiful locations it has to offer! It seems I can't go anywhere with out my camera and drone but it does mean I get to capture and create these short films as a memory. (Shoot + Edit)

Made in Britain (RHTV)

This is possibly my favourite film I have been able to work on with Red Handed. We had the chance to shoot at Corgi, a small South Wales based clothing manufacturer to feature in one of our films produced for Hope Fashion. I already find manufacturing processes very interesting and being able to capture it as creatively as possible had me excited.
(Photo Left) Sam realising that his stunning cinematic light switching off sequences didn't make an ounce of difference, was a moment that could not be wasted. What a fun shoot and edit to be a part of.
Hope Fashion Website RHTV Website (Part Shoot + Edit)

Cornwall Wave Classic 2016 (RHTV)

Coffee, Spotify, Warm Clothes & A Zoom Lens. Essentials when the rise is early, the drive is long and the weather is... British. We travelled with a challenge in mind, the goal was to capture the essence of the four day event in only one. I am always apprehensive for a shoot if I think that we are going to be rushed. We arrived as the waves and competitors rolled in, but windsurfing requires another essential factor... Wind. After hours of waiting, watching, worrying, a gust rolled through and the guys jumped in.  We got the shots we needed and captured the prize giving in the dark using car headlights as our very professional studio lighting. I feel like the final product was a success, plus I had a great time with the team shooting the even. Good day at the office. (Part Shoot + Edit)  


Bristol volksfest 2017

After shooting the awesome Bristol Aircooled+ in 2016 I was asked to go and film the 25th Bristol Volksfest. It was a fun-filled weekend of great people, great sunshine, great drinks and most importantly, great cars! I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend at this amazing festival and hope that this edit does it's atmosphere justice!

(Shoot - Edit)

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I can't take much credit for this film, it was a blast to get a hold of the footage and stories from Sara. It was a fun edit to cut and Sara has had a lot of interest from brands, already pulling in some sponsors.
Here's her description:
A summary of my next big goals! To be the first person in history to have sailed the Volvo Ocean Race, the 'Everest of Sailing' and to climb Mt. Everest. Currently looking for sponsors to join the adventure!   (Edit)

Challaborough Beach From Above

I had one battery in the phantom to capture what I could, my hands were actually frozen to the controller, ideal for a short drone film! The colour of the ocean at Challaborough is just incredible, even on a cloudy day like this, the turquoise depths jet you across the world to the caribbean. Who knew between stealing chips and causing a racket that Seagulls could look majestic and perform perfectly... Maybe it was me causing the racket this time! I love creating this style of film, to be able to pop to the beach with one battery, film for 15 minutes, take the footage home and have the film online within hours feels great. (Shoot + Edit)

What makes an athlete? (RHTV)

Stef was amazing to work with, so kind, easy, supportive and helpful, plus she welcomed us into her home to shoot. Sadly it wasn't as easy as expected, we did not have stef to ourselves, we only could fiom her training for the Rio Paralympics which was a big challenge. We only had 12 jumps to shoot in total, but I think it went pretty well and the film came out well. I wasn't in on the edit for this film but Jake did a fantastic job with the cut. Stef's interview (asked by Pete) was great, she really warmed up and opened her heart to the camera and I feel it shows. Overall a great shoot in and out of location. Always to be remembered. (Part Shoot)  RHTV Website 


Bristol Aircooled+ Show 2016

Deep in the heat of summer I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to a great looking car show like no other I had seen in the UK. As its me I had to take my camera, with no aim or intention of making a film. I popped in my car with a camera and a lens and pottered up to Brizzle. The event was fantastic as you can see in the film andmanaged to get a few shots handheld with a tracking effect for a dynamic looking shot. The song choice is always a long process but this time it was a no brainer, one of the campers was blaring out this fantastic remix of Lean On and I was hooked. I would love to go back and capture some more of the awesome cars! 
(Shoot + Edit)

M32 vs Volvo Ocean Racer (RHTV)

A short action packed social film produced by Red Handed TV. I was lucky enough to be able to film onboard with Ewii Match Racing Team and be hunted down by the giant Volvo 65. The turn around time was extremely short, I came into the edit straight off of the water and was completed the same day. Shooting this film was one of the most exciting filming experiences of my life to date, what a day! (Part Shoot + Edit)

Red Handed Website

Blackpool Sands

I'm not completely sure why but this is one of my favourite beaches. Ignore the thousands of tourists and it can be a great place! I love how deep the water is straight of the beach, its perfect for diving. I'm writing this in February, looking back to what a lovely day this was and thinking how much I cannot wait for the sun! 

I feel our resident pet seagull really stole the show and all of our grapes. I shot this on my A7s in 100fps 720p and graded in Lumetri with DELUTS. I love shooting and editing small films like this in a day, it keeps my love for mixed media alive! (Shoot + Edit)

F I S T R A L   B Y   D R O N E

Filming surfing on a drone is not the easiest, the guys below find it hard enough to find the right wave, then you have to be close enough to see them and then be there at the right time. It makes for a brilliant time and raises your pulse when the drone is a completely invisible speck in the distance. 

Being chased by a seagull is never fun, even if its your drone and you are completely safe but it made for a cool shot, keep your eyes peeled in this film for a scary hunter monster bird! (Shoot + Edit)


Moving boats, hiring new kit, 3 camera, 7 crew, 2 free runners and lots of sailors. A lot of effort went into this short film, Me and Adam Stocker had the chance to jump on the cameras a try to follow these guys around the WMRT event site. All credit to Robin SJ our producer for thinking of the idea and made it happen! Kan & Adam brought the edit to life, it looks great and with library music, can you believe it! (Part Shoot) RHTV Website

Seaview house drone edit

I was asked to edit some drone footage of a lovely seaside house, I tried to make this one slightly different, adding sound effects and After Effects transitions, I think it came out well! (edit) 

ERM Chatsworth-6.jpg

T  H  A  N  K    Y  O  U